Frequently Asked Questions

FAQWhy do some of my ideas not show up in the bubble chart?

Only ideas that are completely rated regarding the criteria you configured unter "Bubble Chart" in the "Preferences" area are visualized on the "Bubbles" view.

FAQWhy do not all ideas also show up on the roadmap?

Ideas must be initially assigned to a "Horizon" (Now, Next, Later, Someday) in order to show up on the "Roadmap". Then you can drag them between horizons.

FAQHow do I create additional rating criteria?

You do not directly create new criteria; instead, you activate additional criteria in the Preferences area under "Criteria" (reachable via the "More" tab button).

FAQWhat is the difference between starred and active criteria?

Only active criteria that are also starred show up in the tabular overview. This way you can activate additional criteria while still getting a clear tabular overview of your ideas.

FAQHow can I import data into Ideabook?

If your data is in CSV format (comma separated values, also sometimes referred to as "text") you can import it by sharing the file with Ideabook (select the "Import into Ideabook" action). You can easily map the columns of your data file to the fields available in Ideabook during the import process.

FAQHow do I migrate my existing ideas from Ideabook 3?

Make sure that you have iOS 13 or newer installed, then get the latest update of Ideabook 3. Use the share button in the "Recents" view and select "Import into Ideabook" in the actions area of the appearing share sheet. The column mapping for the CSV import will be already preconfigured.