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Comprehensive list of shortcuts and tips to get the most out of Firetask.


FAQWhy does my newly entered task not appear on “Today”?

Your task will only appear on today when it really becomes relevant to you. A task becomes relevant when it is either marked as "In Focus" (with a star), or due today or already overdue.

FAQWhat is the “Inbox” for?

The “Inbox” or also called "In-Tray" is a concept for storing your thoughts and ideas, things you do not yet know what to do about. As soon as you have decided what to do with them you can, e.g., make them “Actionable” or you delay them to “Someday” - simply by changing their status.

FAQWhat is “Waiting For” all about?

The “Waiting For” view is a concept we borrowed from David Allen’s “Getting Things Done® - GTD®” way of managing tasks. Basically, you use this view to keep track of tasks you are not doing yourself, but delegate them by assigning them to other people.

FAQHow is the “Scratchpad” different from the “Inbox”?

While the “Inbox” is a GTD® concept, the “Scratchpad” is our invention. The idea is to have a dedicated place for very short-term “stuff”. Let's say you just wanted to do something when the phone rang and you had to stop what you were just doing and needed a quick place to write this down. In other words, the Scratchpad is your single, big Post-It® for ultra-short tasks that should be done as soon as possible.

Firetask on Mac

FAQWhat are the limitations of the trial version?

The Mac trial version from our website is full-featured and runs for 15 days.

FAQHow can I upgrade from a promotion version?

You can simply download the latest trial version from our website -- your promotion license key will work.

FAQWhat is the most recent version of Firetask for Mac?

If you are running a promotion version: the most current trial version is 4.6.9.

FAQHow do I enable the global “Create Task in Firetask” service?

Launch the built-in “System Preferences” app and open the “Keyboard” section. Enable the “Create Task in Firetask” service by checking the respective checkbox in the “Services” subsection which is located on the “Keyboard Shortcuts” tab.

FAQHow do I enable the global quick-entry hotkey?

Launch the built-in “System Preferences” app and check the “Enable access for assistive devices” checkbox on the bottom of the “Universal Access” section.

FAQHow do I enter a reminder time?

Depending on your region settings you will have to type either "2:25 pm" (or just "2 pm"), or "14:25" (or just "14") for 24-hours settings. You can also omit the space before am/pm (e.g., "2:25pm").

iPhone & iPad

FAQHow do I delete a project or category on the iPhone or iPad?

You have to go into the project's or category's detail view and press the red delete button. We do not support swipe-delete in these cases in order to prevent accidental deletes.

FAQHow do I change the settings for Firetask on the iPhone or iPad?

As we now have more settings also on iOS we moved from the built-in "Settings" app to our own, in-app "Preferences" view (accessible via "More").

FAQI tried to restart Firetask on my iPhone or iPad, but it still hangs?

On iPhone or iPad if you just hit the HOME button you do not really quit an app, you are only moving it into the “background”. In order to really quit Firetask do the following: swipe up from the bottom of your screen, locate Firetask and swipe the app upwards with your finger in order to quit it.